Busy day

So yeah – what a day.

Left from Devon at roughly 4.30a.m (yeah I’m a bit tired), and visited Graham Harman’s seminar at Goldsmiths with the Centre for Research Architecture. It was really weird to see Graham cover his metaphysical position in depth at the morning seminar and then for the afternoon session – give a first hand account of the Egyptian uprising.

I don’t know – it only seemed strange, not for any reason that the material for both sessions conflicted each other; but it was quite a task to reconcile the two sessions in some necessary coherent manner. Graham did a good job, only in so far as he didn’t bullshit his way into forcing a correlative semblance where the precariousness of doing so that be immense. Not every academic should provide a necessary answer to every question that comes their way as if they can always intercept challenges in advance. (Actually this is the hallmark of a good conference on scientific findings – most often scientists cannot explain their results and resort to ‘I don’t know’ – Artists do to some extent, depending on that they’re exhibiting).

Then I left to moderate the signal noise panel with Florian Cramer and Luciana Parisi, both of whom I hadn’t met before, but know the work of well. For my first moderation event, I felt it was warmly received, which is always a weight off. My mind’s too fried to comment about it in any great detail, but I might do a short summary tomorrow or something. Anyway I’m pleased with how it went and the implications therein, so that merits a lie in.

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