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… Noah Horowitz’s Reality in the Name of God, now published in book form and PDF form (reading it online). Probably not going to have a decent session with it until after London.

On my last post regarding SR, computation and information, he wrote a long comment in response which I haven’t got back to yet due to thesis writing and work commitments. But I will response to it in a separate post seeing as its definitely highlighting some important points – plus I’ll be more informed about his position from reading his (already provoking) book.

2 thoughts on “Currently reading”

  1. Hi Robert,

    It’s generous of you to post this. I look forward to hearing any reactions you may have. I think you will probably actually be more interested in what I am working on now (although it is again not directly on aesthetics in a real sense). But I will only probably have even a first rough draft of this manuscript in 2-3 weeks at most. In any event, what I am working on now builds on the book you have in your hands so any reactions you have would probably aid me as I try to hammer things out.

    Warm regards,


  2. No worries Noah. I mentioned your book too at the Signal:Noise event tonight and I think a few people are really interested in what you’re doing (especially Luciana Parisi). I haven’t got far with it yet due to constant travel – but I’ll get there.

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