Contained within the package I found a sticker for a new project called “unCloud”: by Rui Guerra and David Jonas co-comissioned by Stuk and Arnolini. (which means Geoff Cox has something to do with it.)

It looks very very interesting. Basically it’s an art project whereby you install the software on Mac OSX and create your own cloud network straight from your airport.

“unCloud is an application that enables anyone with a laptop to create an open wireless network and distribute their own information. Once it is launched, a passerby using a mobile internet device can connect to this open wireless network. The person running the application can decide what information is shown in any web address. Users can access information wirelessly while at the same time remain disconnected from the internet. unCloud does not depend on a remote datacenter, instead it can be run from a laptop, making it an ideal application to run in a train or at a café.”

So in effect one could potentially bypass the proprietary cloud networks usually required to distribute and disseminate information. A ‘local’ cloud service. Ideal.

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