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A quick update here. Just to say that I’ll be in a panel titled “Para-Academic Life: Becoming ungovernable” for the Governing Academic Life conference taking place at the LSE,  June 25th – 26th.

Anne, the organiser, got in touch with me and Paul a while back I think, with the intention of including the work of Speculations and Continent, and we’re thrilled to be speaking about our experiences running para-academic journals in the neo-liberal wasteland of mainstream academia. We’re especially thrilled to have Fintan from DUST  on board plus a live link from Eileen.

My talk is entitled ‘Para-academia and the Education of Grownups’ (another Cavell link). So all in all, an important set of events. You can see the provision programme HERE and the aims of the conference HERE.

Para-academic Practices: becoming ungovernable?
(Convenor Paul Boshears)

Paul Boshears (European Graduate School; continent), ‘Rudderless Piloting, Unwavering Pivoting, Governing without Coercion’
Fintan Neylan, (Dublin Unit for Speculative Thought), ‘The Logic of Para-Organisation’
Robert Jackson (Lancaster) ‘Para-academia and the Education of Grownups’
Eileen Joy (Punctum Books) (by weblink)

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