Bad at Sports: “What is there”, An Introduction to OOO and art

Starting from today, I’ll be writing a regular blogpost/article/piece on OOO for the Chicago-based arts blog ‘Bad at Sports” The first text is already online. It is the first part of an Introduction to OOO and its possible relation to art and aesthetics – called ‘What is there?”

Noah Horwitz, Badiou, OOO and Constructive Computation

Replying to my last post on Chaitin, Noah Horwitz (who is working very closely with Badiou and Wolfram as am I) comments on the potential similarities and differences of our position. It’s an important conversation, so its worth elevating to its own post as it were. His original comment is here, but I’ve directly copied … Continue reading Noah Horwitz, Badiou, OOO and Constructive Computation

Therefore OOO and politics

There’s been a ‘discussion flurry’ on the topic of OOO and politics. Intra Being has a decent summation on it, riffing on Morton’s posts (HERE) and Levi’s posts (HERE) and (HERE). Can a egalitarian position be articulated in OOO, can a restoration of democratic values be reworked by the plurality of object behaviour? I for … Continue reading Therefore OOO and politics

Paul Caplan on OOO and jpeg protocols

HERE is a great post from Paul Caplan on jpegs, software protocols and OOO objects. I’ve had a quick glance through it (as I’m about to go out for the night), and I’m not sure I can disagree with any of his sound words. We’re on the same panel for the platform politics event in May, … Continue reading Paul Caplan on OOO and jpeg protocols