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Category Archives: Levi Bryant

Non-Modernist Formalism: Form instead of Material


So as far as conferences go, this year has been quite weird. Last year I attended roughly nine or ten events, in about eight or nine places – this year it has been about eight events in three places, cramming four in March and four again in October. Although it is certainly efficient (it left […]

Bad at Sports: “What is there”, An Introduction to OOO and art


Starting from today, I’ll be writing a regular blogpost/article/piece on OOO for the Chicago-based arts blog ‘Bad at Sports” The first text is already online. It is the first part of an Introduction to OOO and its possible relation to art and aesthetics – called ‘What is there?”

Release the objects


Most of you know the news – but for those unaware, Levi Bryant’s long-awaited book The Democracy of Objects has now been released on the Open Humanites Press website. You can read it directly on the website HTML stylee – or if you’re like me and abhor reading complex texts on a screen, you can […]

Response to Levi


So Levi wrote THIS lengthy but necessary reply to my last post. In summary, Levi noted Ranciere’s equality of human spectator is wholly contingent on human criticism, and acknowledges that Ranciere’s aesthetic leanings could easily apply to non-human actors (which I completely agree with). Here’s Levi, who nails it as articulately as always: “As a […]

Therefore OOO and politics


There’s been a ‘discussion flurry’ on the topic of OOO and politics. Intra Being has a decent summation on it, riffing on Morton’s posts (HERE) and Levi’s posts (HERE) and (HERE). Can a egalitarian position be articulated in OOO, can a restoration of democratic values be reworked by the plurality of object behaviour? I for […]

Sandcastles and sand piles: Levi on Entropy


HERE’S an illuminating post by Levi on Entropy, OOO, societies and systems. “Entropy, rather, is a measure of the order present in a system. A high entropy system is a system in which there is equal probability that an element will be located anywhere in the system. Such a system is characterized by having a high degree […]

Irreducible Determinate Entities: Wolfram, Agency and Complexity


WARNING: this is a very long post, but also the beginnings of my position. So tread carefully. Yesterday, Levi and Tim posted intriguing accounts of theorising OOO agency, without descending into individualist freedom or determined holism. So here is the problem, as they both see it politically; “Arguing for agency within individuals risks reiterating a […]

What is the difference between absorbing and securing?


A lot of blog activity has developed around Levi’s claims regarding objects, properties and relations. (DC has a great summary here) One can’t judge till The Democracy of Objects comes out (which is out soon I gather), but he gives us a flavour of what to expect in terms of autopoietic and allopoietic machines. I’m […]

On Agency: Response to Roden’s Reply on my Remarks


I’ve only just picked up on one of Roden’s comments over at Enemy Industry (his own blog) about my remarks on algorithmic artworks such as Every Icon. “I feel I need to respond to Robert’s remark on algorithmic art at greater length. Discreteness – unless I’ve read him wrong – doesn’t seem to entail complete […]

Code and the non-ubiquity of emergence


Its interesting how certain blog-post themes rally around your thoughts and congeal into one blog-post of your own. So heres one on emergence, OOO and computation. “The argument for a dialectics of software art runs in parallel to the way in which source code is ready for action. A program, like any programme of action, […]