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The Coming war on General Computation


Here’s the Keynote speech by Cory Doctorow at the 28c3 conference in Berlin which posits a future war between platform appliances and general purpose computers. Quite an extensive keynote – which all good keynotes should be – which raises questions about what to do with the information at hand, rather than severely dominate the conference […]

A response to Jussi Parikka: or why materialism ‘encounter’ has lost its efficacy


Most of you have probably read Jussi Parikka’s latest piece on some Object Oriented Questions about OOO HERE; the comments are well worth a read if not for the usual can of worms OOO usually opens in the blogosphere. Paul Caplan replied HERE and Levi HERE, Graham’s also just replied with THESE TWO posts. But rather than repeat other responses, I thought […]

Franco “Bifo” Berardi: After the Future


  Geoff played this video on Friday’s conference. I wasn’t aware that Berardi did this kind of thing. It was a shame, because he was meant to Skype in for a presentation and unfortunately he couldn’t make it, so Geoff played this. He’s a very colourful character is Bifo; very provocative, playful and like most […]

I found a copy of Ed Miliband’s speech


Here it is. I found it on Tuesday night, at the back of a leather sofa in a Liverpudlian cafe, together with some notes on the back. It’s a strange thing reading it. What’s weird is the structure of the sentencing; the entire speech is divvied out into discrete sentences like the following; I say […]

Jobs may have gone, but the promise of salvation remains


So what if Steve Jobs has gone? The Catholicism automaton of Apple rolls on anew in any case. The converted will continue to silently convert the unconverted. Devices will still flitter the market; devices that convince users the ‘best’ way to print something, the ‘best’ way to make a phone call. Salvation is easy when […]

Response to Levi


So Levi wrote THIS lengthy but necessary reply to my last post. In summary, Levi noted Ranciere’s equality of human spectator is wholly contingent on human criticism, and acknowledges that Ranciere’s aesthetic leanings could easily apply to non-human actors (which I completely agree with). Here’s Levi, who nails it as articulately as always: “As a […]

Therefore OOO and politics


There’s been a ‘discussion flurry’ on the topic of OOO and politics. Intra Being has a decent summation on it, riffing on Morton’s posts (HERE) and Levi’s posts (HERE) and (HERE). Can a egalitarian position be articulated in OOO, can a restoration of democratic values be reworked by the plurality of object behaviour? I for […]

Apple and the Cult


Forget the (non) rapture – more evidence is emerging of the self-evident, cult, evangelical religious stance that accompanies the use, purchase and community of Apple’s products. If we consider ourselves to be agnostic in these rational, modern times, scenes from the BBC’s Secrets of the Superbrands of the opening of an Apple shop, should avert us […]

Platform Politics: A more expository post


Building on from my previous post on the event: here are some more detailed points now that I’ve had a few days to consider the results of the conference. 1.) Given that all of the papers were of an exceptionally high standard in their respective fields, (critical theory, software studies, sociology, censorship law, emancipatory politics, […]

EcoTone 1: Object, Space and Entanglements


Along with a Mr (soon to be Dr) Paul Ennis, Kevin Love (NTU) and a Mr Paul Caplan (Birkbeck), I’ve been invited to give a talk at Nottingham Trent University on the 28th June for an event entitled EcoTone 1: Object Space and Entanglements. It’ll be on environment, artistic, philosophical intertwining issues, with our panel leaning towards […]